Pre-fabricated branched cable

Standard: Refer to JCS 376A (Japanese branch cable standard)
Applications: Suitable for high-rise buildings with 0.6/1KV trunk line for power transmission and distribution; it is a substitute for closed busbars.

Features of Pre-fabricated branched cable

  • Withstand voltage test (1 hour in water) withstand voltage 3.5KV/5min
  • Insulation resistance is greater than or equal to 200MΩ
  • 125 thermal cycles: temperature rise is less than or equal to 70 ° C

Advantages of Pre-fabricated branched cable

  1. Large current carrying capacity and excellent temperature resistance
  2. Excellent seismic performance
  3. Acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, solvent resistant
  4. Air tightness: suitable for wet environments
  5. Economical: the selling price is 70% of the equivalent closed bus, and the construction fee is reduced by 60%.
  6. Easy to install: simple and fast
  7. Small footprint: cluster cable takes up less space
  8. Flexibility: Polyethylene insulated, cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable available in any combination from 10 to 1000mm2
  9. Flame retardant performance: keep energized for 90 minutes in a flame of 950-1000 °C